Well, hello everyone.

We’re new to this, and we’re super excited to be here. Let’s get introductions going, eh?

My name is Devon Henderson. During the day, I work at my local public library as the marketing and web services specialist. That means I do all of our marketing, public relations, graphic and web design work. I’ve been at the library for 5 years and love my job.

My best friend and co-conspirator in this website is Elizabeth Richey. She says hello! She manages a Lutheran summer camp in the northern part of our state, and has for a few years now. She attended the camp every summer as a kid, and worked her way through the ranks to Camp Manager.

By night, we’re both unashamed fountain pen addicts. I (Devon) dragged poor Lizzie into this hobby when I bought a fountain pen in 2014, and we’ve sunk entirely too much not enough time into this hobby, so we decided to start a blog to chronicle our experiences. We plan to fill it with pen, ink, paper, and miscellaneous stationery reviews, thoughts, ideas, and more, and hope you join us along the way.

We’re both pretty new to this, so you might find our reviews helpful, refreshing, or ridiculous. I’m putting money on the last one, ha!¬†Thanks for stopping by, and I hope we’re entertaining and/or helpful to others in our journey through the world of fountain pens and ink.

Posted by Devon Henderson

Graphic designer, web designer, marketer. Lover of books, coffee, tea, cats, stationery, and tech. Minimalist at heart but my wallet begs to differ.

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