Hello, Pen Friends!!

Welcome to my first post!  I couldn’t let Devon have all the fun!  Before I begin the fun stuff, there are a couple things you should know about me.

  • I have terrible handwriting.  While it is mostly legible, my mom frequently compares it to that of a third grader.  Actually, I remember being in the third grade and telling my teacher that I thought I had nice handwriting and she just gave me one of those non-committal answers, like she wasn’t really sure I should be thinking that.  I hope you can forgive my handwriting.  Go look at Devon’s, you’ll feel so much better!
  • I am extremely tactile.  I touch everything!  Once on a quick trip to the store, my friends counted the number of things I touched along the way.  I had no idea they were doing it, I just kept hearing them laugh behind me.  They fessed up after we went through the check out.  It was something like 42 items just in the 10 or so minutes we were there.  Anyway, I’m telling you this because it really influences the pens that catch my eye!  Several of my pens have interesting textures.  I also love the actual feeling of the nib against paper, it’s one of the main reasons I choose to write with fountain pens.

And that brings me to my first review: The Lamy 2000.

Actually, this pen has been a lot of firsts for me.  This was the first really nice pen that I owned (shout out to Chelsea-Devon’s and my other BFF- and my mother for the gifts that made it possible!)  I chose the classic Makrolon model.  I absolutely love the textured, almost brushed, finish.  It’s subtle, but present.  It’s not super visible-especially from far away-but I definitely feel it, which is great for me!  I really enjoy the clean, simple look it has.  I am not a very fancy person, so the understated quality of the pen drew me in.  The clip and grip are both made of stainless steel with the same brushed texture as the rest of the pen.  This make it really comfortable to write with, and it’s not slippery at all!

Cap with clip

Stainless steel grip

The Lamy 2000 feels really nice in the hand too.  It has a little weight to it, but not too much by any means.  It’s a little back heavy when posted, but it’s not uncomfortable.  Posted or unposted this pen is a joy to write with.

And now the nib!  This pen has a 14k rhodium-plated, medium, gold nib.  Another first for me!  It writes like a dream!  SO SMOOTH!  It just glides across the paper with barely any pressure.  Another cool thing about this nib is that it’s hooded (for those of you that are new, that means the grip covers all but the tip of the nib).  That does cause this pen to have a bit of a notorious “sweet spot”.  I admit, I was a little nervous when I bought my pen.  I had no idea if my usual writing angle would work with the sweet spot.  I bought my pen online so I had no way of trying it out before I bought it either.  It was a risk I was willing to take, though, and it worked out perfectly!  The sweet spot hasn’t bothered me at all.  I’ve maybe had to adjust my angle once or twice in all the times I’ve written with it.

Hooded Nib

So to recap, I love the way the Lamy 2000 looks, I love the way it feels, and most importantly, I love the way it writes.  I recommend it 100%.

I will warn you though, once you allow yourself to spend $159 on a pen, it does raise the bar a bit.  Now when I see pens over $100, I think “it’s really not THAT much”, when in reality there are other things–other more responsible (albeit much less fun) things–I should be spending my money on.

Still, the Lamy 2000 is definitely worth it.

Posted by Elizabeth Richey

Camp Manager for a Christian summer camp and retreat center. I get to spend my days surrounded by nature and kids having a blast growing into their faith. What could be better? I love reading, singing, playing handbells, playing clarinet, playing pens, and Dexter Owen (the best dog ever!).

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