This is my favorite ink yet.

Okay, I just wanted to get that out of the way up-front. If you think this review is going to be anything but a love letter to Syo-ro, you are sorely mistaken. I bought this ink on a whim, and our blind date was an absolute success. I’ve almost always got it inked up in some pen or another.

bottle of syo-ro on pine wood desk with yolo mug in background

Oh look, a cameo of my mug, which I affectionately named The Enabler.

Syo-ro is a complex ink. When writing, it comes out an ocean-y blue. It has tinges of green, but straight out of the bottle it definitely goes down on the page blue. But as it dries, it turns to this tropical green, almost like corroded copper. It’s a heavily sheening ink, as well – with a medium nib, I am able to get a reddish sheen on almost any paper I use (even Baron Fig, which I find way too absorbent for my taste). On Tomoe River, the sheen is almost out of control. Almost.

At the end of a writing session I am left with a coppery turquoise page of words, appearing as though I am looking at a shipwreck residing just below the shimmering surface of the ocean. There’s no other way to put it – this ink is a stunner on even decent paper. And on crappier paper, it looks like a deep bluish emerald, making it relatively professional to boot. And of course, it has all of the benefits of other Iroshizuku ink – incredible quality, fast dry times, and a gorgeous bottle.

TL;DR – Buy this ink. It’s fab.


Ink Company & Name Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro (Dew on Pine Trees)
Pen Used Pilot Falcon – Soft Medium
Paper Used Tomoe River (Seven Seas Crossfield V2), Rhodia Ice Pad
Dry Time Fast
Saturation High
Flow High
Shading High
Sheen High
Shimmer None
Water Resistance Low
Value 4/5
My Rating 5/5
Recommended? Yes

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